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About Us

SMALL Community Building Foundation was built to combat the effects of poverty in our community. By removing some of the barriers of poverty and allowing people to grow. We will complete this by providing a program that teaches, equips, and empowers participants to overcome the effects of poverty.

SMALL Community Building Foundation's plan is to offer living spaces, communal gardens, and classes. Living spaces are for participants in the program. The communal gardens not only provide food for the participants, but also act as a secondary income. Classes include Financial Literacy, Preparing for Retirement, Home Ownership Planning, Mental Health, as well as, Tutoring.

"Out the mud..."  -SMALL Community Building Foundation

Make sure to check out our blog located on our News section for more information on our products and events!

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide resources and produce for those in need. Our purpose is to uplift and restore integrity, morals, and values to the community hit the hardest by the war on drugs in the 80s and 90s.  Our goal is to rebuild the community at its core by starting a new foundation for the homelessness, elderly and most importantly, the children.

Our Vision

To clean up the community

and heal the Earth by building a place where these forgotten children can be safe and learn the skills they never got access to due to being taken from their families, put into foster care or abandoned. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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