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Merci Beaucoup Treats

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Check out below what Merci Beaucoup Treats has on the menu. Be sure to check out the Shop to order today!

We make all our signature treats with our specialty made vanilla, setting us apart from any other business offering similar products. We also offer "made-to-order" on our sweets and treats to ensure our orders are made fresh for each customer! We use organic products (sugar, butter, egg) for the best quality.


Sweet Potato Blossoms,

German Chocolate Cake,

Lemon 7up Pound Cake,

Toffee Bon Bons,

Chocolate Chip Cookies,

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.

Satisfy your sweet tooth!

Merci Beaucoup Treats also offer personalized orders, rather it's simple like adding banana to the dark chocolate oatmeal cookies; or it's different like an off the menu item, banana pudding or bourbon pecan pie to name a few. Head to the Shop and contact the baker and owner for your customization needs!

Let us know what sweet you are interested in trying today!

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